Service Worker Setup in a Phoenix app
elixirphoenixservice workernginxedeliver

Setting up a service worker is one of the criteria for a Progressive Web App (PWA). There are some complications when setting one up in a Phoenix app

CircleCI Elixir setup
elixirphoenixCircleCIDockercontinuous integration

Continuous integration is basically a mandatory requirement for todays development work. Here is how I setup an Elixir/Phoenix project to run on CircleCI

Test Automation Toolbox 2019
WebdriverIOtest automationjavascript

This post is an update to a similar post I wrote in 2016. The tools and the testign landscape have changed and it was time to write another one

Building the Blog

I set out to modernise this site and wanted to do use this opportunity to learn something new and try to create as good and convenient platform that I could

NHL Finns Project Update
elixirphoenixpostgresqldevelopmentpreactdigital ocean

This post is about an Elixir/Phoenix side project I wrote about 6 months ago. Things have progressed, new features have been added and using this stack has been a pleasure.

NHL Finns Project
elixirphoenixpostgresqldevelopmentpreactdigital ocean

I have been working on a side project recently using my default web stack, i.e. Elixir, Phoenix and Postgresql, in this case using Preact for some of the front-end components

Elixir Programming Language

Introduction to Elixir some useful programming language features. This post covers several topics that are useful in general Elixir programming as well as when used in the context of test automation.

Elixir in Test Automation
elixirprogrammingtest automation

Elixir is a functional language often used for building mission critical applications. This first post in the series goes into why would it also be a good fit for test automation.

Test Automation Toolbox
rubytest automationprocess

What’s in my Test Automation toolbox currently (2016). There are a multitude of tools and languages that can be used for browser based test automation. I'll dive into some good tool choices when using Ruby and wanting to implement a Selenium based test automation framework.

Cucumber Best Practises- Push how down
cucumberrubytest automationprocess

Some tips on how to create a maintainable Cucumber test suite. Cucumber is a popular choice when the company is using BDD to ease the communication between stakeholders. Putting too much logic in the step definitions can make maintaining the test suite difficult.